Saxony's Minister of Education visits vocational training unit.

The working group on schools and sports of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in the State Parliament of Saxony recently visited the vocational training unit at BMW Group Plant Leipzig. There, they were able to find out more about the plant’s pre-vocational training programme, whose participants in 2016 included eight refugees.

The pre-vocational  programme EQ by the BMW Group and the Federal Employment Agency supports young people with little chance of finding work by potentially enabling them to enter vocational training. In 2016, the EQ programme at BMW Group Plant Leipzig welcomed 11 participants, eight of them refugees. To find out more about how the programme is implemented and the opportunities it creates, the working group on schools and sports of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in State Parliament of Saxony, came to Plant Leipzig. One of the members of the group was Saxony’s Minister of Education Brunhild Kurth.

On a tour of the vocational training section, the visitors were able to speak to EQ participants in person. The insights they gain on visits to educational facilities help them to better understand and implement the key pre-requisites for programmes of this kind. Plant Director Hans-Peter Kemser was keen to point out the importance of vocational training: "Vocational training has a long tradition at the BMW Group, not only because it gives people a detailed knowledge of their subject area but also because it helps them to develop on a personal level. We are also strong supporters of the parallel system, which combines vocational training with practical work experience."

EQ been an established part of the vocational training programme at all BMW Plants since 2005. The one-year internship provides participants with technical basics they need in order to prepare for a vocational training course.