Eight refugees join Plant Leipzig’s EQ programme.

In early January 2016, BMW Group Plant Leipzig welcomed eight young people to the EQ programme. The seven-month internship programme provides pre-vocational work experience for young people, potentially enabling them to join vocational training courses later on.

On 4 January, 11 new participants of BMW Group Plant Leipzig’s EQJ programme embarked on their first day of work experience. Among them, for the first time, were eight refugees. The young men aged between 20 and 27 are from Somalia, Eritrea and Albania, and have already been in Germany for over a year. They and three other young people now have the opportunity at Plant Leipzig to prepare for a vocational course later on.

The EQJ programme has been a fixed part of the wider range of vocational training offered at Plant Leipzig for a number of years. It targets young people with only limited chances of finding employment on the job market. The seven-month practical work experience placement helps to prepare them for vocational training and, on completing it, they offered the opportunity of a regular vocational training placement within the plant.

BMW Group Plant Leipzig has provided up to eleven EQJ placements a year since 2007. Since the programme was first launched, a total of 68 young people have taken part. More than one third of the went on to do their vocational training in the plant, which the majority completed successfully.