Associate donation delights ten social and charitable organisations.

On 23rd March 2016, Plant Leipzig donated EUR 40,000 to social and charitable organisations in the local area. The money had been gifted by a team of associates who had voluntarily given up their salary. It forms the second part of a donation of funds raised at last year’s Associate and Family Day.

The lion's share of the money was donated to children, such as those at the ‘Fröbelchen’ childcare centre, which is a partner to Plant Leipzig and was delighted to receive the extra funding. Other BMW partner childcare facilities were also on the list of recipients, as was the German Child Protection Association in Leipzig and ‘Haus Leben’, which provides support for the children of cancer sufferers. Further funding was provided for the ‘Leipziger Tafel’, which provides food for the homeless, ‘Leipzig.Courage zeigen’, which fights right-wing extremism, and the refugee initiative ‘GRIMMAhilft!’

By sacrificing a part of their pay packet, the associates concerned were able to raise EUR 80,000. The first half of the money was donated in late 2015 to organisations supporting people with physical disabilities, the Children's Hospital Foundation ‘Stiftung Kinderklinik Leipzig’, the young people's charity ‘Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung’ and the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre.