Page Overview: Fourth BMW Ladies Night
May 24, 2019

Fourth BMW Ladies Night – an evening about freedom, falcons and giving space to possibility

Vierte BMW Ladies Night

The BMW Motorrad plant strengthens the Berlin women’s network and creates a place of experience outside the perimeters of the Spandau plant.

For the fourth time, BMW is organising a ‘Ladies Night’ in association with the ‘Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH’. It takes the form of a networking evening for female management employees working in the field of business, civil society and politics in Berlin. The main theme of this year’s event was ‘Freedom’. Not merely in the sense of a management culture that creates space to move but also as a personal force for self-discovery and self-fulfilment. Those present heard numerous personal stories on the theme of freedom and took part in an intensive exchange about the art of letting go and the privilege of being free to choose. Both the adventurers and the entrepreneurs in the panel jointly supported the concept of “the conscious shaping of spaces of possibility” as a key to freedom. 

The event was presented by Romy Ertl, head of press and public relations at the BMW Group Berlin Plant. “We originally initiated the BMW Ladies Night five years ago, and our network has continued to grow steadily ever since. I am very pleased that as industrial companies in Berlin, we are making a contribution to the diverse world of work and promoting intensive exchanges. We are enriching the event landscape in Berlin with this unusual format, whose inspiring character is finding great appreciation.  Annabell Dörksen, Head Of Capital City Marketing at Berlin Partner GmbH adds: “We have been pleased to support the Ladies Night right from the start. It is an event where interesting contacts are both forged and strengthened and networks are expanded. The theme of Freedom that formed the central aspect of the discussions at the event has shaped the city of Berlin like no other and turns it into a place of longing for so many people.

From inspiring tales of freedom to the reality of life

The keynote speech at the commencement of the evening was given by Laura Wrede. As a falconer, she asserted herself among the Bedouins of Qatar and learned how to work with birds of prey. She shared her moving images and anecdotes with her audience, transporting them on a journey to the conservative emirate. Her credo: “We are only as free as we are brave.”

In the panel discussion that followed, the subject of freedom was discussed from a variety of perspectives not only by Laura Wrede, but also Lea Riek, journalist and motorcycle adventurer; Dr. Natalie Lotzmann, Vice President HR, Global Health Management at SAP AG and Antje Neubauer, Head of Marketing and PR at Deutsche Bahn. Among other aspects, the panel talked about responsibility and privilege, external control and options of choice, and not least, mindfulness.

Following the discussion, the 150 guests conducted further intensive talks on their own definitions of freedom and the sense of being free. The evening brought about many answers but also new questions and plenty of fresh food for thought.