Page Overview: Future Munich Plant

Future Munich Plant


The parent plant of the BMW Group is gearing up for the future. We are working to prepare and develop the plant for future model generations.

Therefore construction measures are necessary. Press shop, body shop, paint shop, assembly and logistics need to be made fit for future requirements. The focus is on environmental protection, energy efficiency, process optimization in production and especially sustainable jobs for our employees. In sum, we are investing in the coming years some 700 million euros in the Munich plant. The most prominent projects are the rehabilitation of the railway bridge, the construction of the paint shop and the expansion of the body construction.

Innovative technologies as a contribution to sustainable production.

The rehabilitation of the railway bridge at the Moosacher road can - despite active noise protection measures - lead to impairments for the residents. Work on the railway tracks began in mid-April 2015. By this measure we achieve compared to the present situation, a clearly perceptible noise reduction. For the neighbors on the street of the new building of the paint shop within the plant site at the Riesenfeldstraße will be noticeable. To avoid jams and street pollution from construction vehicles and preserve parking spaces, extensive measures are taken. Our goal is to affect the daily lives of local residents as little as possible. With this new building, we are able to reduce the energy and water consumption significantly as well as the exhaust air volumes and thus make a valuable contribution to sustainable production. As a contribution to environmental protection, we have already replanted trees. You will receive an intermediate country on the FIZ-terrain, where they remain until the completion of construction. In 2017, they will return to their original place. 

In the course of the renovation of the car body shop at the Dostlerstrasse one way regulation needed to be implemented for security reasons. For a transitional period thus the turn of the Riesenfeldstraße into Dostlerstrasse is not possible.