Page Overview: Sustainability


At start of production, the plant will be the BMW Group’s most resource-efficient production location worldwide. The usage of renewable energy sources can ensure that the supply of electricity is 100% CO2-free.

The BMW Group Plant SLP has the first paint shop with zero process wastewater. All water gets recycled and is being reused. Due to these resource-saving production processes, the plant has the lowest water consumption per car produced in the BMW Group production network. 


Together with Waves for Water, BMW Group Mexico seeks to provide the surrounding community of San Luis Potosi with clean water as it is the basis for better health and a driver for a positive development for the society.

The company along with Waves for Water will provide three communities near the plant with filters to purify their drinking water.

The filters remove 99.99% of bacteria and cysts that cause waterborne diseases. In total 670 filters will be given to Puente de Tierra, Alamitosde Bledos, Presa El Organito and Tanque El Chayote.

This activity will reduce the economic impact caused by illnesses and the time consuming processes of acquiring potable water.